Official KTM Sportcar Sales, Service and Technical partner
We are an official KTM X-Bow Distributor for North America and provide sales, service and technical support. 

Professional Repair and Maintenance
We are proud to be your destination for complete repair and scheduled maintenance. We have current diagnostic equipment, service information, parts information and special tools to ensure the repairs are carried out exactly to factory specifications. Completing scheduled maintenance is imperative to your car’s well-being and you can rest assured that all will be taken care of according to factory recommendations.

Alignment/Chassis Setup
We offer a wide array of services ranging from a basic alignment to a meticulous complete chassis setup which starts with a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s steering and suspension components. Taking into consideration base ride height, fuel load, tire pressure, driver’s weight, shock settings, shock pressures, corner balance set within 0.1% if possible, wheel alignment set within 0.1 of a degree for camber/caster and 0.1mm for toe whenever possible. We use the latest Hunter alignment equipment combined with an Intercomp professional wireless scale system and Starret precision measuring tools. We also offer tire mounting and balancing using a Hunter tire machine and a road force balancer.

Fabrication Services

Our fabrication services include design and engineering, prototyping, product development and testing. Our certified welders produce the highest quality professional welds exceeding industry standards. A well-designed and perfectly fabricated component will yield a system that will be sure to improve your current solution. Please contact us with your project.

Dynamometer Services

Our Dyno Dynamics 4WD Low Boy dyno is, in our opinion, the best available chassis dynamometer on the market today. This machine has unparalleled capability! It is a great tool in tuning and troubleshooting as well as new product development. This dyno produces real world numbers and doesn't exaggerate. Unlike other machines, we get accurate and consistent readings whether measuring 20 or 1200 whp. We are able to accelerate and decelerate the vehicle under load, as well as vary the ramp up/ down rate and inertia settings depending on the horsepower.

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