ABT Sportsline North America LP

*Not Legal for Sale or Use in California.

RS7 LE Engine


Find more driving pleasure with ABT’s latest generation control units.  Designed by their engineers for each engine individually to communicate intelligently with it, delivering optimum performance with the highest possible protection. From the super-sportscar to the compact, the ABT Engine Control unleashes extra fire in every vehicle, without increasing emissions.



When it comes to wheels, ABT’s motto “From the racetrack to the road” can be taken almost literally. Their decades of motorsport experience mean that they are absolute with their will to be better than the others. This influences their wheels, which are specially designed to suit the sportiness of your vehicle and provide optimum handling.


ABT’s sacred motorsport workshops usually sees their mechanics work on racecars. For their Limited Editions, they make exceptions. They put all of their experience, engineering expertise and innovation into these breathtaking masterpieces. Each iteration undergoes months of development and concentrated engineering skill. The results speak for themselves.

ABT Power | Intelligent Performance From Racing Professionals

ABT AEC Graphic

ABT Power

AEC for 4-Cylinder Engines

ABT Power S

AEC for 6-Cylinder & 8-Cylinder Engines

  • Each ABT AEC Power Upgrade is programmed for your vehicle’s VIN, and cannot be interchanged with another vehicle.
  • All ABT Power Upgrades are TÜV Certified for each engine family covered by the product line.
  • As a result, they have completed and passed rigorous emissions testing procedures, confirming that there is no increase in emissions output as a result of the installation of an ABT AEC Power Upgrade.

ABT Sport Wheels | Road Couture From Bavaria

ABT Wheel Overview Graphic


  • Noble and Sporty
  • Elegant or Dynamic
  • Modern or Classic


  • Corrosion Protection
  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • TÜV Certified


  • Wheel Spacers
  • Excellent Run-Out
  • Optimal Roadholding


  • Weight Optimized
  • Perfectly Balanced
  • Motorsport Derived

ABT Limited Editions | Hand Crafted Masterpieces

Elegance Meets Power

Limited to 99 Units Worldwide

Performance and Charisma

Limited to 200 Units Worldwide

A Tribute to the V8

Limited to 200 Units Worldwide

The Racing Utility Vehicle

Unlimited Units

Small, Bold, Powerful

Limited to 200 Units Worldwide

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