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ABT Sportsline North America LP

ABT Sportsline is the largest tuning provider for vehicles from the Volkswagen and Audi Group and also implements numerous motorsports activities for the brand with the four rings. But in a company with over 125 years of history, they also value their roots. Roots are important for a stable foundation, but without tying them down. Their founder, Johann Abt, a blacksmith, started an innovation workshop in 1896 where new ideas were literally forged. Since then, the family-run company has continuously developed through the passing of time and the spirit of innovation for many generations. Their love for cars is centered in their hearts and minds, captivating ours.

REVO Development LTD

Established in 2002, Revo is the automotive aftermarket industry pioneer of delivering switchable performance re-map software to vehicle Engine Control Units (ECU). Over a decade on, Revo has extended its product ranges to cover the Volkswagen Audi group. The company’s reach is truly global, with distribution in over 40 Countries through a network of over 400 authorized dealers. Headquartered in Daventry, England nestling at the heart of the UK’s motorsport triangle, Revo has purpose-built facilities containing research and engineering development space, workshops, engine development and testing accommodation and a four-wheel-drive dynamometer.