One Step Ahead

Like us, innovation is Kärcher’s passion. It follows from their clear conviction: Innovation is what benefits people, makes life easier, more efficient and more pleasant. 

Starting in 1935, Alfred Kärcher aimed to always find new solutions for every challenge. Now with more than 1,000 employees in research and development worldwide, they work hard every day to develop new solutions. 

The figures speak for themselves: 632 active patents, 110 new products in 2018 alone, and 90% of Kärcher machines sold are less than 5 years old. 

Kärcher Dry Ice Cleaning

Parts and machines are often difficult to clean. The problem: traditional blasting can leave media like sand or glass granules, leading to additional cleaning. 

This is no longer necessary with the high-performance dry ice blasters from Kärcher. After blasting, the dry ice pellets dissolve completely into carbon dioxide (CO2), resulting in perfect cleanliness.

Whether suede shoes, electrical boxes, or our race winning machines, Kärcher Dry Ice Blasters offer a range of pressure and pellet control options at your fingertips, making it possible to clean with fear.

Kärcher Floor Scrubbers

Kärcher floor scrubbers are the perfect investment for your floor maintenance program. 

Not only do they increase worker productivity, their quick-cleaning floor scrubbers allow for lower labor costs, they help reduce the number of slip and fall hazards, and they make your floor surfaces look pristine and clean. 

With their wide assortment of compact and mid-size walk-behind scrubbers along with our stand-on and ride-on floor scrubbers, you are sure to find the right tool for your job.

Kärcher Pressure Washers

Kärcher’s commercial and industrial pressure washers are perfect for removing dirt, grime, grease and oil stains. 

We offer an extensive selection of Kächer hot and cold water pressure washers, hot water generators, and high pressure cleaners to help workers save time, money and resources. 

To make cleaning jobs more efficient, Kärcher also offers a variety of easy-to-use pressure washer accessories. 

Whatever the cleaning challenge, Kärcher provides the solution.

CPT Kärcher Pressure Washer

Kärcher Wet/Dry Vacuums

The Kärcher range of wet and vacuum cleaners is the result of decades of experience with operators worldwide. 

Kärcher’s lineup of wet dry vacuums are designed to take on just about any kind of dirt, whether it’s dry, damp or liquid – it doesn’t matter! 

These versatile machines are important cleaning tools for any craftsman, contract cleaner or auto detailer. 

Let us help you find the best Kärcher commercial wet dry vacuum that fits your application.

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