We Don't Race Because We Like To

We Race Because We Must

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo 1

Professional Racing

The top of the pyramid, the apex, the peak, the pinnacle. Whatever you call it, we all share the same goal: to join, to enter, to compete, to conquer.

With the racing being immensely more difficult and challenging at this level, our incredibly experienced team and superior infrastructure will be the easiest thing you’ll face.

Michael Kopper & Co UMC

Club Racing & Track Days

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to avoid the “hub-bub”, enjoy a more relaxed environment, or are just in need of extra track time, Club Racing, Private Tests & Track Days are for everyone.

Let us help you develop and manage a custom program schedule from Club Racing to Private Tests, tailored to your budget & needs.

The Tip Of The Spear

Turn Key Programs

When competing at the top-level of any form of motorsport, there is plenty of things that demand your attention. 

Sponsorships, driver lineups, technical partners, series rules, engineering, catering, logistics, IT, the list goes on and on.

Our dedicated crew members have been in professional motorsport all over the world in series like IMSA, WEC, and SRO. We have the expertise and experience to carry the burden, so you can focus on the only thing that should matter. 

The racing.

Kevin Woods in the KTM X-BOW GTX at Spring Mountain
Andy Johnson, Mads Siljehaug, Kevin Woods, UMC MPG

Professional Drivers

From our many years of racing history, we’ve established long-standing relationships with major and iconic brands, such as: KTM, Porsche, and Lamborghini. 

With these relationships comes access to some of the brightest and best, both in terms of support, and in drivers.

Whether you’re looking to setup an endurance campaign with a star-studded driver lineup, or are looking for growth & development support from a pro to work with you on your own driving, we can help provide access to some of the champions from manufacturer stables.



Grow, Develop, Conquer

One of the many stand-out members of our team is Dr. David Redszus. With decades of motorsport engineering experience, Dr. Redszus has created custom motorsport software covering any number of needs from strategy to driver development. 

This combined with our access to professional drivers from manufacturers like KTM, create a unique atmosphere where skills, knowledge, and talent all mesh.

This is our recipe for success. You won’t find snake oil or smoke & mirrors. It all stems from incredibly talented and experienced personnel, with a desperate passion and need to race.

CPT Engineer Dr. David Redszus & Mads Siljehaug

Start Your Journey

Custom Club Programs

Customers and customer programs are the heart and soul of our operation. The reason that our Founder, President, & Team Principal left the dealership and founded Chicago Performance, was because of his customers needing dedicated attention and support for their racing activities.

Since 2002, our primary focus has been guiding, supporting, and delivering customer programs to the track in club environments. 

Whether you’re just starting out of your motorsport journey, or are looking for a new team to run with, we will build a custom program to meet your needs.

With programs ranging from an annual outing, to bi-weekly racing, your racing needs will be met and surpassed by our world-class team.

Michael Kopper, Kevin Woods, Kyle Washington

Test Days

For both professional and club level racing, the best way to prepare for the future is track time.

From drivers to engineers, everyone values the experience and learnings gained from running a racecar. However, sometimes race conditions are not the best place to ‘experience’ those learnings for the first time.

From our years of racing history, we have established relationships with testing organizations and race tracks alike, allowing us to provide our customers access to privately organized testing events. 

Ranging from exclusive buyouts to limited car count events, our test days grant you almost limitless track time, the perfect platform to run in ideal conditions.

Arrive & Drive Track Days

Not every program runs at the highest level, and sometimes the most fun can come from putting together a lap on track, and then enjoying a social hour with other motorsport fanatics.

Starting in 2024, we’re working with major brand partners and iconic race tracks to put together Arrive & Drive style track days, exclusively for Chicago Performance customers.

Whether it’s a company retreat in need of a burst of speed, a group of car owners looking to stretch the legs of their more ‘honed’ machines, or a car club looking to bring their families into the fray, our Track Days will be the perfect venue.

It’s more than just a track day, it’s an experience for everyone.

Parc Ferme MPG UMC
Field at UMC

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