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Over 20 years of professional experience from factory trained mechanics.

CPT Diagnositcs

Nowhere to Hide

One of the worst moments of any day is seeing your dashboard erupt up with error codes, warnings, and lights.
With decades of in-house diagnostic experience, and factory scan tools, no issue big or small can hide from our mechanics.
From Check Engine Lights to tracing electrical faults, our obsession with perfection ensures that no stone goes unturned.
Comprehensive estimates and diagnostics notes allow us to work together to develop a plan to correct those terrible moments.

Repair With Confidence

We complete all of our work from an oil change to engine repair with extreme attention to detail.
Years of racing experience has taught us that you can’t cut corners.
That’s why we only use OEM or OES parts for repair projects, and always replace hardware.
This means we’ll never be the cheapest, but we’ll always be the best.

Turn Back The Clock

The new and unexplored will always have its alure, but sometimes it’s better to see where we’ve come from.
For the lucky few, there are some cars that need protecting from falling into the gaps in history.
These pieces of steel and fiberglass are so much more than just machines; with histories and personalities of their own.
We love to make sure that they get to tell their stories for many years to come.

Service Without Compromise

Sometimes the basics get overlooked, but the devil is always in the detail.
Fluid exchanges, filters, tune ups, your car deserves the best.
No quarter given, no compromise accepted, no excuses used, we prepare every car for the track.
Rest assured, we know your car may never compete, it doesn’t deserve any less attention than our race winning machines.

CPT Liqui Moly Leichtlauf High Tech SAE 5W-40

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